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Aurora Laser Clinic
Laser hair removal & aesthetic skin care for ladies and men

Please contact us to arrange your initial FREE consultation with the form below.

Your consultation is the opportunity to meet us and for one of our highly skilled Laser Practitioners to make an assessment of your requirements. We will perform a ‘test patch’ on a suitable area of your body to ensure safe future treatment can take place and we will also use the time to devise and discuss your personal treatment plan with you.

During your consultation

We will make a professional assessment of your requirements… from your skin type and tone to hair colour and a whole host of other important factors that we take into account before any potential treatment can go ahead.

Your treatment plan will be devised by our Laser Practitioner who will advise which laser treatment will be most suitable for you and how many treatments you will need. Any pre- or post-treatment issues will also be discussed so that you can be confident that your safety and well-being are assured, and that the most effective methods will be used for your treatment.

Prior to your consultation

Please note that it is advantageous for us to be able to see any hair being considered for removal in its normal state of growth in order for our practitioner to make an accurate assessment of your specific needs.

It is not necessary to bring anything with you, although a diary will help you to pick a suitable schedule for treatments and if you let us know on the day, we’ll refund your car parking charge to cover your consultation period.

Our charges for your treatment will of course be discussed with you and confirmed during your consultation.

To arrange your FREE initial consultation please fill in the form below or telephone us on: 0115 837 2030

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