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Fungal nail infections are both embarrassing and unsightly and have always been difficult to treat up until now.

Fungal nail infections do not normally affect healthy nails unless there is some underlying factor (such as damage or a nutritional deficiency) which allows the fungus to enter and establish itself in the underlying tissues of your nails. Nail fungal infections medically known as “onychomycosis” are very common – affecting up to one in fifteen or 4% of the UK population.

On average half of all nail related issues are related to fungus. It’s known to affect males more than females and commonly occurs on the toenails rather than fingernails with the effects on the foot being more frequently mentioned. In both cases fungal nail treatments using lasers and subsequent end results are similar, providing a direct treatment method to destroy the fungus without the unpleasant side effects associated with taking anti-fungal oral medications.

According to NHS research and statistics laser fungal nail treatments are safe and effective and reports document up to a 90% success rate in treating fungal infections with laser treatments, which are currently only available through private clinics.

Fungal nail infections are usually caused by damage made to the nail plate or seal allowing the fungus to invade the nail. Feet stuck inside shoes all day provide the perfect habitat of warmth and dampness that allow the fungus to thrive. Other factors can also include nail biting, foot trauma, smoking and diabetes. In these instances fungal nail treatments can safely used to remove the unwanted fungus resulting in the resumption of normal growth.

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Questions & Answers

  1. How does the laser treatment work?

    Our laser light treatment penetrates right through the diseased nail and destroys the fungal organisms that lie both beneath and inside the nail. You will be glad to know that our laser treatment leads the way for safe and predictable results in eradicating fungal nail disorders.

    The Nd: Yag Laser passes heat through the nail allowing it to vaporise the nail fungus. With its high energy it kills the fungus by reacting with the fungal cell walls.

    The procedure itself takes no longer than 20 minutes depending on the number of affected fungal nails to be lasered. The results are impressive compared to alternative oral medications or other topical products.

  2. How many treatments should I expect?

    Treatment times may vary depending on your specific needs, but you should expect four treatment sessions initially spaced at weekly intervals.

    Occasionally a second course may be needed for complete eradication of the fungus.

  3. How does the treatment feel?

    Our Clients during the nail fungus laser treatment feel a warm sensation under the nail whiles the laser is been used over the nail and instantly cools as the laser is moved across. Our toenail fungus laser treatment will not harm your nail or surrounding skin, and has no known side effects. The treatment is not surgical and no recovery period is given. It is also an approved treatment under the CE mark and FDA approved.

  4. How soon will I have perfect nails?

    Healthy nails will take some months to appear after the course of treatments, and this does depend on the absence of other factors or diseases that may impair healthy nail growth. If vitamin D3, essential fatty acids and minerals such as magnesium, iodine and zinc are not present at optimal levels you should perhaps re-consider your diet or taking them as a supplement

    It is also helpful to expose your nails to as much natural day light and fresh air as possible.

    Our Clients do not usually notice any visible changes to the nail instantly after a toenail fungus laser treatment, repeated sessions of the nail laser treatment may be needed commonly up to 2 treatments spread over 3-4 weeks results are typically seen once the nail has fully grown out which can take up to a few months.