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Aurora Laser Clinic
Laser hair removal & aesthetic skin care for ladies and men

Laser removal of unwanted body and facial hair for Asian Skin

Solve your unwanted hair problems for good!

Aurora Laser Clinic specialise in performing safe laser hair removal for Asian and Black skin types and tones.

Our Laser Practitioner will use our sophisticated Candela GentleMax Pro advanced laser hair removal technology to match the laser type, and vary the intensity and the pulse of the laser to your treatment and the needs of your skin.

Darker skin tones such as Asian and Black skin can be particularly at risk of side-effects if treated with older IPL or the wrong type of laser for these skin types when performed by unqualified providers.

This is why at Aurora Laser Clinic we use the Nd:YAG to treat dark skin types, which is the safest laser to treat you with and we continue to invest in regular staff and clinician training. Your safety and well-being are paramount.

You will benefit from the Candela GentleMax Pro “Gold Standard” dual wavelength laser system we have especially chosen for our Clients’ treatments.

Effective, reliable and virtually painless permanent hair reduction starts with an initial consultation and we’ll even pay your car parking charges because this step is so important!

Contact us to arrange your free initial consultation today.

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