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Aurora Laser Clinic
Laser hair removal & aesthetic skin care for ladies and men

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Laser Hair Removal versus IPL Systems

When we selected the latest Candela GentleMax Pro medical lasers for our treatments at Aurora Laser Clinic we specifically decided on genuine lasers rather than the cheaper IPL systems used by some other clinics.  Why did we make this deliberate choice? Your safety and well-being are paramount to us, and so are the results of your treatment.  With this in mind we wanted to offer you the best treatment possible.  Genuine “Gold Standard” ...
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What you need to know about Laser skincare treatments

Find out more about Laser Hair Removal treatments in the April 2013 past-issue of Marie Claire magazine. "Laser treatments can be used for a range of issues: from hair removal and ageing skin to acne scars and unsightly veins. Because of the wide-ranging benefits, laser is becoming increasingly popular, but there are risks involved and you need to be informed..." Read Full Article...
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