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Aurora Laser Clinic
Laser hair removal & aesthetic skin care for ladies and men

When we selected the latest Candela GentleMax Pro medical lasers for our treatments at Aurora Laser Clinic we specifically decided on genuine lasers rather than the cheaper IPL systems used by some other clinics.  Why did we make this deliberate choice?

Your safety and well-being are paramount to us, and so are the results of your treatment.  With this in mind we wanted to offer you the best treatment possible.  Genuine “Gold Standard” laser technology means quicker treatment, higher efficiency, unparalleled comfort and more convenience for YOU.

 You will be glad to know:

  • Our laser treatments are suitable for all skin types and all skin tones (including Asian and black skins) whereas an IPL system cannot be used safely on dark skin types
  • Our laser treatments are more selective and more effective than IPL systems so that you will require fewer treatments and will be happier with the results of your treatment
  • Our GentleMax Pro lasers are truly medical lasers whereas IPL systems may be considered “Jack of all trades, Master of none”!
  • Our laser beams penetrate deeper into tissue whereas IPL systems only give a less-effective 2mm penetration
  • Your skin will be more comfortable during treatment because our lasers have more advanced skin cooling systems than IPL systems which normally use potentially messy gels
  • You will be more comfortable with our “Gold Standard” laser technology during treatment than you would be with an IPL system which uses a more intense flash of light
  • Your treatment will be swifter with our genuine laser treatments than with an IPL system